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A Horse Dressed Up Like A Zebra

Een vormgegeven podcast of toch een verslag van een onderzoek in boekvorm? Wij doken in de wereld van Eva van Ooijen en haar Dr. A. en gaven vorm aan haar 'artistic research'-project.

'Verreweg het fraaist vormgegeven podcastvoorstel ooit verschenen…'

Anton de Goede - eindredacteur VPRO podcasts

Dear Dr. A

I am looking for you.

You are a scientist, writer poet explorer. I try to picture what you might look like and put an add in a newspaper asking for information about you.
I got an email from Ton, who is in possession of some of the art affects you brought back from your trips to the Amazon.
He bought them on Marktplaats from your son in Law John and was so kind as to sent me some pictures.
Where did you find these artefacts?
This is a what you said about this yourself:

During my first expedition to the Amazon I stubled upon a ruin.
It was overgrown by the jungle. There I found some artifacts. Like: ceramics, jars, vases, gold jewelry and things like that. I continued the investigation we started last year. We did some more digging in what was left of the ruin. We succeeded in bringing multiple objects to light. I suspect most of them are around 4000 years old. But some of them might be even older.
You know I heard that before: you are not a trained archeologist. But I don’t see why i could not spend my time on archeological sites. Look, because of my education and two promotioins in one day I know what a scientist is. And I read a lot about archeology and noticed that it is amateurs who did the greatest findings. And I assure your I work really carefully. I am more likely to use a toothbrush than a spade. No, no, no, no, no, I don’t want to tell you where the settlement is located.
That I will keep to myself. I can tell you that it is more than ten days by boat over the Amazon river.

So where is this settlement located?
What I could collect from your books is that you flew form Amsterdam to Bogota, the capital city of Colombia. From here you took another plain to Letitia, a City on the boarder of Colombia. To then drive to the Amazon river and depart by boat.
I made scans of some of the pictures that where in your books about your trip there. Although some suggest you where never there.
Did you ever leave your office?
I try to picture you behind your desk writing.
A desk surrounded by books and artefacts.
Is this where you’re story is born?

I hope to learn more.

Kind regards,

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'She looks at the modern world like an archaeologist from the future, examining reoccurring themes and trends. Not taking things as truth but creating one.'



A Horse Dressed Up Like A Zebra


Eva van Ooijen

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Anouk de l'Ecluse & Daphne de Vries


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28 april 2022

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